Series 975


Generic Type

Fluid-applied acrylic insulation coating

Common Usage

An innovative, fluid-applied, thermal insulating coating ideal for insulating pipes, valves, tanks, structural steel, or other substrates where thermal improvement, condensation reduction, or personnel protection is desired. This unique formulation is highly filled with a hydrophobic, insulative particle offering exceptional thermal performance and features a durable, water-based resin system with excellent adhesion and durability. Part of a corrosion-resistant coating system that bonds to the substrate, greatly reducing the issues associated with corrosion under insulation (CUI), and mitigating thermal bridging by controlling condensation.

Special Qualifications

Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C518 at 77°F): 0.0418 W/m-K or 0.2898 BTU-in/ft²-hr-°F (R value at one inch equals 3.5)
Flame Spread (ASTM E84): Class A
Smoke Developed (ASTM E84): Class A

Series 975 meets the requirements of LEED-Low-Emitting Materials, Collaborative for High Performance Schools-Paints & Coatings, WELL Building Standard-VOC Restrictions, and Living Building Challenge–Healthy Interior Performance. Contact your Tnemec representative for more information.

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Series 27WB, 72T, 115, V115, 1028T, 1095, 1224. Other topcoats may be available, contact your Tnemec representative for more information. Note: A cure time of 24 hours at 75°F (24°C) is required before topcoating Series 975. Extended cure time may be required at lower temperatures.


Steel: Series 90E-92, 90-97, 90G-1K97, 90-98, 91-H₂O, 94-H₂O, 115, V115, 118, 132, 133, 135, 394, 1220, 1224, 3600. Note: The use of zinc-rich primers is not generally recommended when in-service temperatures exceed 120°F (49°C). Reference NACE SP0198 for more information.
Concrete: Series 1224, 3600
CMU: Series 1224
Note: Refer to appropriate primer data sheet for maximum temperature resistance. Note: Other primers may be acceptable upon approval by Tnemec Company.



Volatile Organic Compounds

0.07 lb/gallon (8.7 grams/litre) †


0.00 lb/gal solids

Recommended DFT

40.0 to 50.0 mils (1015 to 1270 microns) per coat.
Note: Thickness recommendations will vary depending on specific project requirements and environmental conditions. Contact your Tnemec representative for more information. Note: Multiple coats may be required, please contact your Tnemec Representative for film thickness recommendations.

Theoretical Coverage

1,203 mil sq ft/gal (29.5 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates. †

Number of Components


Curing Time

Temperature To Touch To Handle To Recoat† To Topcoat
95°F (35°C) 45 minutes 8 hours 9 hours 12 hours
75°F (24°C) 2 hours 16 hours 18 hours 24 hours
45°F (7°C) 4 hours 24 hours 28 hours 36 hours

†Recoat times listed are with itself. Curing time varies with surface temperature, air movement, humidity and film thickness.

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