Resinous Flooring

High-Performance Resinous Floors and Walls


The StrataShield product line, developed by Tnemec Company, offers comprehensive, specialized floor and wall coating systems designed for a variety of environments. StrataShield products withstand physical and chemical abuse, including repeated abrasion, frequent cleanings, and thermal shock, while providing each surface with an attractive finish. With options that are tailor-made based on project needs, these floor and wall systems are high-performance alternatives when the conditions require extra protection.

Hangar Floor in Houston, Texas

Like other Tnemec products, extensive research and testing has gone into developing the StrataShield line of floor and wall systems to produce consistent products and create superior results and performance. These products demonstrate lasting protection and have extended life cycles in facilities around the globe. With stringent quality control standards, Tnemec ensures client satisfaction when StrataShield products are delivered to the jobsite.


  • Chemical resistant formulations
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Resistant to thermal shock and cycling
  • Seamless and sanitary (with antimicrobial available)
  • Fast-cure formulas for fast-track projects
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Extensive color and sheen options available
  • Smooth, orange-peel or non-slip finishes
  • Low odor, low VOC and solvent-free options



Stranlok monolithic wall systems provide entire rooms – labs, operating rooms, bathrooms and hallways – with high-performance protection while helping to keep sanitary environments spotless and sterile. Stranlok wall systems come in two durable options. One utilizes a spray-applied, high-build epoxy coating containing pre-mixed reinforcing fibers that interlock when sprayed to enhance structural film integrity and durability. The other system, Stranlok ML (mat layup) features a fiberglass-reinforced mat embedded in a layer of tough epoxy, resulting in similar protective properties, but with a smoother finish.

Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska with StrataShield Coatings

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