AVX Corporation Floor Resurfacing

AVX Corporation ensured its 25-year-old manufacturing and research facility in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, was on solid footing by resurfacing nearly 200,000 square feet of hallways, restrooms, and production areas with seamless, resinous flooring systems from Tnemec.

“The company wanted the facility’s floors to be cleanable, slip-resistant, and much more decorative than the existing flooring systems that were being replaced,” recalled Jeffery Loyd of Superior Surfacing Specialists, Inc. “They wanted the facility to be a showplace that conveyed the high-end nature of their business.”

The project involved removal of old carpeting, vinyl composition tile (VCT) and painted surfaces down to the concrete substrate, which was prepared in accordance with SSPCSP 13/NACE No. 6 Surface Preparation of Concrete. Floors throughout the facility were resurfaced with seamless, decorative resinous flooring systems.

“Floors on the facility’s main level showed signs of moisture migrating up through the concrete,” Loyd explained. “This caused contamination or delamination of the old flooring systems.”

Loyd and coating consultants Mike and Dan Anderson of TSE, Inc., specified Series 208 Epoxoprime MVT, a modified polyamine epoxy primer designed to reduce moisture vapor transmission, as part of a multi-purpose decorative epoxy flooring system. Series 208 penetrates the concrete surface to provide excellent adhesion and ultra-low permeability, helping to reduce moisture from escaping new and existing concrete surfaces.

Series 237 Power-Tread, a polyamine epoxy, was applied over the primer and was broadcast with decorative flake. Two coats of Series 284 Deco-Clear were used as the topcoat and Series 248 Everthane was the finish coat. The same flooring system was used to build rolled-radius coves along the floor’s perimeter.

Other resinous flooring and coatings that were specified included Series 245 UltraTread S, a polyurethane-modified concrete used for boiler room applications and other exposures subjected pressurized hot water and Series 280 Tneme-Glaze, a polyamine epoxy resistant to detergent cleaning.

“We have resurfaced everything from clean room environments to mechanical spaces and fire water tanks,” Loyd added. “We even used Tnemec’s Fluoronar fluoropolymer coating system as part of a roof repair on a bridge connecting the manufacturing facility to the company’s executive offices.”

As a global supplier of advanced electronic and interconnect components, AVX Corporation operates 24 manufacturing and customer support facilities in 15 countries around the world.

    Project Information

    Fountain Inn, South Carolina

    September 2017

    AVX Corporation of Fountain Inn, South Carolina

    Superior Surfacing Specialists, Inc. of Buford, Georgia

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    AVX Corp Floor Resurfacing

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