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Beyond Surfaces and Structures, We Protect Investments and Reputations

Tnemec Company, Inc. specializes in protecting surfaces and structures from corrosion with high-performance coatings and linings. However, we know our customers equally value the protection our coatings and linings provide to their investments, their reputation, and their clients.

Founded in 1921, Tnemec is one of the largest privately held protective coatings manufacturers in North America. Our coatings protect surfaces from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, Shanghai to San Juan, and every order we make is delivered with the expertise of our veteran team and the history they carry with them.

Tnemec is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., and manufactures a full range of protective coating products at facilities in North Kansas City, Mo., Baltimore, Md., and Shanghai, China. Tnemec’s North American customers are serviced by distribution facilities in Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle and Compton, Calif. Our independent representatives help with the specification and application of our coatings worldwide.

  • Innovations

    • Perma-Shield Protection

      When the wastewater industry needed to shield their infrastructure from more aggressive sewer gases and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), Tnemec helped develop the S.W.A.T. testing protocol – otherwise known as ASTM G210-13 – and a line of high-quality products that would perform in these severe wastewater conditions.

    • Zinc-Rich Revolution

      When we developed a zinc-rich primer for potable water immersion service, the industry took note. Now, over 20 years later, Tnemec has sold one million gallons, and counting, of its moisture-cured aromatic urethane primers, supplying the coatings for over 10,000 water tanks across North America.

    • Refining Finishes

      Since developing our line of fluoropolymer finishes in early 2000, Tnemec topcoat technology has reduced the need for clear coats and four-coat coating systems, helping decrease application time, lower labor costs and increase the life cycle of structures around the world.

    • Coating Unlike Any Other

      Tnemec released a thermal insulating coating, Aerolon, in 2013, combining time-tested technology with the world’s best insulating solid, aerogel. When spray-applied to steel or concrete surfaces, Aerolon offers unrivaled protection against condensation, corrosion under insulation (CUI) and thermal bridging.

    • R&D Lab Tech

  • Mission Statement

    • Tnemec Company, Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality performance coatings and linings for the protection and beautification of surfaces in markets we serve around the world. We uniquely support architects, engineers, contractors, and facility owners through locally connected independent sales representatives. The pursuit of innovative technologies and the highest quality raw materials are strategic trademarks of how we continue to earn the reputation as the most reliable brand of professional paints and coatings. Longevity and experience among all Tnemec people enhance our product value for our customers. Our commitment to private ownership allows Tnemec to grow through thoughtful product innovation and expansion to new business markets and global regions. This is how we maintain competitive positioning, strengthen the brand, and reward shareholders. We foster a hardworking and caring company culture, steadfastly committed to private ownership. We are a family. The multigenerational support and ownership of the employees and representatives will ensure our values stay intact as they have since 1921. This is the foundation of our entrepreneurial spirit.

Condensation Control

Condensation Problems? No Sweat.

Aerolon gives owners and engineers the ability to control condensation on pipes, valves and water tank interiors.


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