Series 154


Generic Type

Mastic Waterborne Acrylic

Common Usage

Series 154 is a durable, single-component, water-based elastomeric coating that forms a waterproof film over horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces as well as various types of wallboard, wood and tile. It is an excellent choice for areas that receive light to moderate traffic including balconies, walkways, pedestrian bridges, mechanical equipment rooms and other surfaces such as concrete decks that may require protection from weather or water intrusion. Versatile application characteristics allow Series 154 to be applied neat, as a broadcast system, or mixed with aggregate and either applied as slurry or used as a surfacer or filler. Series 154 can also be reinforced using woven or octagonal mesh inlays where crack-bridging or extra durability is needed.

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Volatile Organic Compounds

0.027 lbs/gallon (3.20 grams/litre)

Recommended DFT

10.0 to 14.0 mils (250 to 355 microns) without reinforcement fabric, or aggregate.




Series 154 (neat), 154 (slurry), 971. Note: When using Series 154 as a slurry, mix one (1) part 30/50 mesh sand with one (1) part Series 154 liquids by volume (must be thinned 5% with water).


Series 156, 157, 180, 181, 248, 297, 1026, 1028, 1029, 1080, 1081.

Theoretical Coverage

834 mil sq ft/gal (20.4 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates. †

Volume Solids

52% ± 2%


Concrete: Self-priming (when thinned between 20% to 25%) or Series 27WB, 151, 287. Note: Series 151 must be used as a primer before applying Series 154 over existing coatings or tile.
CMU: Self-priming or Series 130, 1254.

Curing Time

Temperature To Touch To Handle To Topcoat
105°F (41°C) 30 minutes 45-60 minutes 4-12 hours
95°F (35°C) 45 minutes 1-1.5 hours 4-12 hours
85°F (29°C) 1 hour 1.5-2 hours 8-16 hours
75°F (24°C) 1.5 hours 2-3 hours 8-16 hours
65°F (18°C) 2 hours 3-4 hours 24-32 hours
55°F (13°C) 3 hours 4-5 hours 32-40 hours


Series 130, 154 (extended with aggregate), 215, 217, 218, 1254. Note: When extending Series 154 as a surfacer mix three (3) parts 30/50 mesh sand with one (1) part Series 154 liquid by volume. For hairline cracks mix two (2) parts 30/50 mesh sand with one (1) part Series 154 liquid by volume.

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