Series 230ESD

Static-Shield EP

Generic Type

Polyamine Epoxy - Electrostatic Dissipative

Common Usage

Commonly used in facilities that manufacture, process, assemble, package, service, inspect or otherwise handle electrical or electronic parts, assemblies and equipment susceptible to damage by electrostatic discharges which have established, implemented and maintain an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Program. Also used in data centers, clean room/labs, computer rooms, military/aerospace, avionics, automotive manufacturing or any environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a nuisance or may have damaging effects.

Formulated using single wall carbon tube technology specifically designed to provide superior electrical conductivity and enhanced mechanical properties. Ensures permanent and uniform electrical conductivity eliminating “hot spots". Designed for static dissipative resistance in the range of 1x10^6^ to 1x10^9^ (one million to one billion) ohms surface resistance when testing point to point/point to ground for establishing floor resistance values per ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014. Project specifications and application specifics should clearly indicate what resistance range is required. Note: Not intended for industries requiring protection against explosion hazards such as dust, fuels, and solvents or electrically initiated explosive compounds and devices.

Special Qualifications

Series 230ESD meets the requirements of LEED-Low-Emitting Materials, Collaborative for High Performance Schools-Paints & Coatings, WELL Building Standard-VOC Restrictions, and Living Building Challenge–Healthy Interior Performance. Contact your Tnemec representative for more information.

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Recommended DFT

12.0 to 16.0 mils (305 to 405 microns).

Volume Solids

100% (mixed) †


Pigmented Series 222, 233, 237, 238 or 281. Note: If 222, 233, 237 or 238 are used to build broadcast, slurry or mortar systems, they must be fully grouted and sealed with two coats of pigmented 222, 233, 237, 238 or 281 to fully insulate them prior to applying the 230ESD to insure proper electrostatic dissipative surface resistance values.


Series 230ESD, 249ESD

Number of Components

Two: Part A and Part B


Series 206, 215, 217. Note: Series 201, 208 or 233 mixed with fumed silica can be used for small patching/surfacing repairs. Certain high-early strength, cementious repair mortars are also acceptable for deeper filling and patching. For more extensive repairs and additional information contact your Tnemec representative or Tnemec Technical Services.

Theoretical Coverage

1,580 sq ft/gal (38.7 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates.

Curing Time

Temperature To Topcoat To Place In Service Full Cure
75°F (24°C) 12 to 72 hours 24 hours 72 hours

Note: If more than 72 hours have elapsed, the coating must be mechanically abraded before recoating. Curing time varies with surface temperature, air movement, humidity and film thickness.



Volatile Organic Compounds

0.10 lbs/gallon (12 grams/litre)


Series 201, 208, 222, 233, 237 or 238 must be used as a primer along with an epoxy intermediate coat to ensure the concrete is sealed and insulated prior to the application of the 230ESD static control topcoat.

Series 241, 242 and 245 are self-priming and an epoxy primer should not be used. Note: Series 241, 242 and 245 must be seeded to refusal with 30/50 mesh aggregate and fully grouted and sealed with 2 coats of pigmented 222, 233, 237, 238 or 281 to fully insulate Series 241, 242, or 245 base coat prior to applying the 230ESD to insure proper electrostatic dissipative surface resistance values.

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