Warehouse Tech

Warehouse Tech

Primary Purpose

Is responsible for filling orders from the pick tickets in an accurate, timely manner. Work in Pre-fill, manufacturing and blending departments to fulfill orders, batch tickets for finished product.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Reviews pick tickets and assembles orders from product storage sites throughout the facility, taking care to accurately assemble orders in a timely manner
  2. Prepares order at workstation, including any necessary re-packaging and re-labeling, along with associated hazardous materials and descriptions needed
  3. Enters all order modifications and works with computer software to generate Bills of Lading, Packing Lists, and Shipping labels.  Works with a variety of software to close out the order.
  4. Organizes order onto skid and wraps, if necessary.  Forklifts finished order to appropriate staging area.
  5. Assures accuracy and efficiency in fulfilling an average 10-12 orders daily, and up to 15-20 orders during peak seasons.
  6. Maintains tidy, orderly workspace.  Backs up other Warehouse staff in completing daily work.
  7. Other duties as assigned by supervisor
  8. Washes tanks and other containers used within the department
  9. Handles all required raw material in work area to provide continuity of operations
  10. Assists in taking department inventories/cycle counts as directed
  11. Perform Maintenance on dispensing equipment quarterly and when needed
  12. Always works in a safe and efficient manner that ensures quality
  13. Uses materials, equipment, and facilities in an efficient and conscientious manner according to proper procedures
  14. Works assigned hours and overtime as directed to support business needs
  15. Performs other duties as required by the Lead Person or Supervisor


Knowledge and Experience

The following experience is required for successfully performing this job

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Aptitude in working with computer system to monitor and maintain accurate inventory
  • Certified Fork Truck Operator
  • Ability to work well with others and perform whatever tasks are necessary to get the job accomplished

Education and Training

Listed below are the mandatory and desired educational requirements for this position

  • High School Diploma or GED

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