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At Tnemec, we don’t throw the word ‘family’ around lightly. For 100 years, we’ve been a private, family-owned company, and that’s allowed us to do things the right way. We treat our employees and representatives like we treat our customers – with trust and respect. This is why our family business has thrived for three generations, and we don’t intend to change what has worked so well.

Baltimore Job Fair

Join us for a job fair at our Baltimore Manufacturing and Distribution Center.

Available positions include:

Job Fair Details:

June 8th, 8am - 5pm

June 9th, 8am - 4pm

2300 Edgewater Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland, USA 21222


Mike Winpigler- 443-872-1630 or

Take a look at our current openings below or contact for any other inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.

From the Former President

All these things are built on trust and belief in the other man.

- Albert C. Bean Jr., Former President/CEO

Tnemec Values

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Sorry, there is a maximum of 6 color swatches.

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