Shade Tech

Shade Technician 2pm-10:30pm North Kansas City

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this position is as follows:

The Shade Technician is responsible for viscosity adjustments and drawdowns of all batches that are being manufactured. The Shade Technician packages finished material by filling proper containers for storage in the Warehouse or for shipment.

Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Determines tub size based on batch volume.
  2. Prepares mixing blades and tub usage assuring clean equipment and valve prior to set up.
  3. Sets up batches meticulously weighing out bases per the batch ticket instructions.
  4. Tints required batches meticulously weighing out base colors and colorants per batch ticket instructions.
  5. Makes drawdowns and runs viscosities (adjusts viscosities when needed)
  6. Produces products per schedule and in accordance with batch-ticket instructions


  1. Operates pumps, meters, agitators, and tanks as required
  2. Handles all required raw material according to PPE requirements
  3. Maintains department records in an orderly condition
  4. Assists in taking department inventories when directed
  5. Always works in a safe and efficient manner that ensures quality
  6. Properly documents raw material inputs and time according to batch-ticket requirements
  7. Follows company regulations with respect to safety, maintenance, and repair of tools and equipment and general housekeeping, and keeps area clean at all times
  8. Uses materials, equipment, and facilities in an efficient and conscientious manner according to proper procedures
  9. Works assigned hours and overtime as required
  10. Suggests to Shift Lead Person improvements in job methods, equipment, or procedures
  11. Follows H.M.I.S. and PPE Safety Program
  12. Assists in other departments as required
  13. Performs duties as required by Lead Person or Supervisor


Knowledge and Experience

The following experience is required for successfully performing this job

  • Prefer five (5) years of related work experience
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Certified Fork Truck Operator

Education and Training

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Basic computer knowledge desirable

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