Jr. Chemist

Junior Chemist

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this position is as follows:

Guide projects and project teams in the development of new products and/or the improvement of standard products and processes. 

Perform professional work in research, development, and analysis of processes.  Develop or investigate new products, raw materials, and processes to find answers to market needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

            Listed below are the primary duties that will be performed, in the order of the importance.

            (The most “important” duty is not necessarily the duty which requires the most time.)

  • Research and discuss with suppliers the potential use of specific raw materials
  • Organize and formulate products for thorough evaluation
  • Prioritize projects within the need, resources, and time constraints
  • Operate the laboratory equipment and train others in its use
  • Manufacture lab formulations and prepare panels for testing
  • Perform any required tests for determination of chemical or physical properties
  • Solicit outside resources for unique test requirements
  • Author and input master formulation
  • Establish all Q.C. Specification for the new products
  • Maintain accurate records and certify that accurate records are kept by the technician
  • Lead new product development teams through the final release of a new product
  • Maintain the laboratory area and reinforce the need for maintenance, cleanliness and safety
  • Respond to specific and unusual requests from Product Development’s customers


Education and Training

  • College degree in Chemistry or related field

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