Baltimore Filling Tech

Baltimore Filling Tech

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of this position is as follows:

Produces labeled containers and packages finished material by filling proper containers in preparation for storage in the warehouse or shipment to a customer

General Responsibilities

  1. Follows company regulations with respect to safety, quality, maintenance, and repair of tools and equipment, and housekeeping
  2. Keeps department records as required
  3. Uses materials, equipment, and facilities in an efficient and conscientious manner
  4. Works assigned hours and overtime as required
  5. Suggests to department Lead Person or Supervisor improvements in job methods, equipment, and procedures

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Provides containers as needed for the storage area
  2. Checks containers to be filled for cleanliness and prepares other containers for filling
  3. Sets up pump and filters as required
  4. Fills containers by weight as instructed on the Batch-ticket
  5. Operates, assembles, disassembles, and cleans pump filter, filling machines and tanks
  6. Palletizes all filled materials for forklift handling
  7. Takes retains as instructed and identifies them
  8. Washes equipment, tanks, and other machinery within the department
  9. Keeps working area clean and neat
  10. Ensures all labor hours and filling records are properly documented
  11. Follows HMIS Safety Program
  12. Performs other duties as assigned by the Lead Person or Supervisor

Essential Functions

  1. Continuous standing or walking for six (6) hours per day
  2. Frequent lifting, pushing, or pulling up to 100 pounds of weight
  3. Frequent bending, twisting, stooping, and repetitive motion
  4. Enduring temperatures up to 105 F. during summer months
  5. Occasional requirement to utilize half-face respirator
  6. Occasional operation of forklift and drum dolly equipment
  7. Reading and writing on batch-tickets


Equipment Operation

The following are equipment, tools, and other resources utilized in this position

  • Various filling equipment

Knowledge and Experience

The following experience is required for successfully performing this job

  • Tnemec container and packaging requirements

Education and Training

  • High School Diploma or GED

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