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Tnemec Company, Inc. thanks you for your commitment to the building and construction community and we are grateful for your participation in student and young professional organizations. Tnemec takes pride knowing the future of construction is in your hands as the next generation of great industry leaders and we look forward to being your trusted advisors for protective coatings.

Over the last 100 years, Tnemec products have provided architects, engineers and contractors with substrate protection against corrosion, abrasion, UV light degradation, chemical attack and more. Tnemec manufactures more than 150 different coatings for a variety of substrates, conditions and environments, each one as vital as the next.

Our industry-leading coatings have demonstrated superior durability and performance over time. You can count on Tnemec for long-term protection of your projects, your customers and your reputation, from the beginning of your career until the end.

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In 1921, a chance sighting of steel reinforcing bars sticking out of old concrete rubble piqued the curiosity of company founder, Albert C. Bean, Sr. Inquisitive by nature, he noticed that the rebar was completely rust-free.

After further investigation and testing, his discovery of the anti-corrosive alkaline conditions in cement led to a patent for a highly effective, rust-inhibiting coatings formulation. In tribute to his breakthrough, he changed the company name to Tnemec – cement spelled backwards.

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Tnemec's online learning tool, Tnemec University, provides a quick and easy option to AIA, NCEES and GBCI credits. Courses are offered as either face-to-face presentations given by a local Tnemec representative or as on-demand courses viewed directly from the comfort of your chair. All courses offered qualify for HSW (Health, Safety, Welfare) credit.

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Tnemec protective coatings are sold exclusively through a select network of local independent sales representatives who are readily available to help with everything from scheduling an office visit and lunch and learns, to specification and color assistance. Our agents are well-versed in corrosion protection, with unmatched industry knowledge and the ability to recommend products based on each project’s particular conditions and location.

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Coatings for Your Industry

Tnemec provides protective coatings in various industries around the world, from wastewater to architecture.

Sustainable Building

Need Coatings for LEED Projects?

Tnemec offers a long list of low VOC coatings built to protect sustainable structures.

News + Press

Innovation Updates from Tnemec

See the latest news from Tnemec, from one-of-a-kind projects to new product releases.

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