Boise Airport Concourse B

During the renovation of Boise Airport’s Concourse B, fluoropolymer technology from Tnemec came through with “flying colors” to provide the appearance and long-term protection the project’s architects had envisioned. “This project was the result of our relationship with CSHQA Architects in Boise,” according to Tnemec coatings consultant Tom Quammen. “They had been very pleased with our involvement in a terminal expansion project that was completed in 2003, so when they were contacted to rehabilitate Concourse B in 2005, we got the call to help with that project.”

The exterior coating system for Concourse B was matched to the gray color of the newer terminal facility. “The original color of Concourse B was safety yellow, which screamed 1975 when the structure was built,” Quammen noted.

Surface preparation of the exterior corrugated metal wall panels consisted of power washing and sanding with aluminum oxide sandpaper to scarify the existing coating. Series 66 Hi-Build Epoxoline, a polyamide epoxy, was spray-applied and followed by a topcoat of Series 1071 Fluoronar, a high-solids fluoropolymer, which was brush- and rollerapplied. Approximately 200 gallons of Epoxoline and 60 gallons of Fluoronar were used on the exterior.

Fluoronar was chosen for its ultra-durable finish and outstanding color and gloss retention, even in the most severe exposures. “We have 150 freeze/thaw cycles a year in this area, plus strong ultraviolet light due to our high elevation, so it’s a nasty environment for coating materials,” Quammen said.

Nearly 300 gallons of Series 115 Uni-Bond DF, a self-crosslinking, dry-fall acrylic finish, was spray-applied on the interior overhead steel. “The original color was ‘Bronco Blue,’ which we covered with white using one-third the amount of product that the estimator had expected to use,” Quammen reported. Approximately 20 gallons of Series 73 EnduraShield, a semi-gloss polyurethane coating, were brush- and roller-applied on all hollow metal doors and frames.

“The project resulted in zero complaints from passengers and airport personnel in regards to shutdown, overspray or nauseous claims,” Quammen added.

Boise Airport’s terminal expansion in 2003 included a new elevated roadway system, ticket lobby, baggage claim, food and beverage concessions, news and gifts concessions, a conference center, a new security checkpoint and a new Concourse C. Part of the original terminal facility, Concourse B was renovated in 2005.

    Project Information

    Boise, Idaho

    September 2005

    City of Boise

    Field Applicator
    DPC Inc. & Color Craft, Boise, Idaho

    CSHQA, Boise, Idaho

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