Boilermaker Aquatic Center

The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams at Purdue University are consistently ranked in the top 25 in the nation. Since a winning team is deserving of a first class facility, private funds totaling more than $17 million came flowing in from the Purdue community for the construction of the Boilermaker Aquatic Center in 1999, making the facility one of the finest natatoriums in the nation.

Tnemec is adding to its own ranking among aquatic centers throughout the country. “Respect for exposure is how we sell our performance in aquatic centers,” said Tnemec coating consultant Jeff Parish. “The coating system must be able to perform superbly with the chemicals and moisture levels in that type of environment, and Tnemec products do just that.”

Following abrasive blasting in accordance with SSPC-SP6/NACE No. 3 Commercial Blast Cleaning, the interior steel roof deck of the natatorium was shop primed with Series 91-H2 O Hydro-Zinc, a two-component, moisture-cured, aromatic urethane zinc-rich primer.

Intermediate coats of Series 66 Hi-Build Epoxoline, a polyamide epoxy, and Series 161 Tneme-Fascure, a polyamide epoxy that offers a fast recoat window at 75°F, were then spray-applied to the galvanized and structural steel areas. A finish coat of Series 73 Endura-Shield, a semi-gloss polyurethane highly resistant to abrasion, wet conditions, corrosive fumes and chemical contact, completed the structural steel coating system.

Series 88HS Azeron H.S. Primer, a fast-dry, rust-inhibitive shop primer, was also specified for the interior steel in areas unexposed to the natatorium environment.

Following surface preparation in accordance with SSPC-SP13/NACE No. 6 Surface Preparation of Concrete, Series 130 Envirofill, a waterborne cementitious acrylic block filler, was used to prime the interior concrete of the aquatic center including the natatorium area, locker room and shower room areas. Next, two coats of Series 84 Ceramlon ENV, a modified aliphatic amine epoxy, were applied to finish the concrete areas.

“We have done a lot of work for Purdue University,” noted Parish. “They are a great organization, and we are delighted to continue to be asked back as they continue to grow.

    Project Information

    West Lafayette, Indiana

    March 2000

    Purdue University

    Scholer Corporation, Lafayette, Indiana

    Field Applicator
    Dodds Painting, Lafayette, Indiana

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