Our water-based coatings are anything but watered-down. Tnemec's ultra-high-performance water-based coatings are backed by the name that's been trusted for over a century and continues the legacy of innovation with water-borne products that stand toe to toe with solvent-based materials. Looking back over the past 100 years, who would have thought that these new developments with water-based technologies would have even been possible?!  This, in a nutshell, is a direct reflection of Tnemec's heritage and our ongoing commitment to innovation. Seeing is truly believing. With that said, you won't believe the performance of these products!

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Tnemec is changing the way you think about water-based coatings by formulating them to rival their solvent-based counterparts but with long-term VOC compliance, low odor, increased worker safety, and easier cleanup. We have even formulated our primers to combat flash rusting. Every gallon is packed with the technology, experience, durability, and performance you expect and deserve from Tnemec.

Series 90-75 Tneme-Zinc

Series 90-75 Tneme-Zinc is a waterborne, zinc-rich epoxy that offers extended protection to steel surfaces in industrial and marine environments. This innovative coating forms a micro-porous polymer structure in the dry film improving the conductivity between the zinc particles which provides superior galvanic corrosion protection. Its ultra-low VOC formulation cures quickly and provides outstanding long-term corrosion resistance when used with other Tnemec high-performance coatings. Series 90-75 meets the requirements of LEED-Low-Emitting Materials, Collaborative for High-Performance Schools-Paints & Coatings, WELL Building Standard-VOC Restrictions, and Living Building Challenge–Healthy Interior Performance. Contact your Tnemec representative for more information. U.S. patent pending featuring ZincLink technology.


When Series 90-75 Tneme-Zinc cures, the epoxy resin system remains on the substrate while the H20 particles evaporate out of the wet film. Once the water has evaporated out, an open matrix* forms in its place, allowing an area for the zinc particles to concentrate. The zinc-to-zinc contact within the open matrix provides corrosion resistance that rivals the galvanic performance of inorganic chemistry but without drawbacks and limitations. In addition, Series 90-75 meets AISC requirements of Class B surface with a mean slip coefficient no less than 0.50 and a tension creep not in excess of .005 inches.

Series 1220 HydroLine

A unique, low odor, low VOC, water-based epoxy coating featuring HydroLink curing technology for exceptional durability and protection of steel and concrete surfaces in immersion service. Easy to apply and solvent-free, Series 1220 is an excellent choice for coating tanks, pipes, fittings, valves, reservoirs, and basins.

Featuring our exclusive QuadroLink curing technology, Hydroline is a unique water-based epoxy with low odor and low VOC and is an ideal coating for tanks, reservoirs, and basins. It’s easy to apply and is certified to ANSI/NSF/CAN Std. 61 for use in potable water immersion.

Quadrolink Curing Technology

Series 1220 HydroLine's unique curing technology, QuadroLink, is comprised of four distinct curing properties. The first is a chemical reaction that occurs between water and cement creating an alkaline rust-inhibitive environment. The second curing property utilizes Tnemec's innovative formulation of water-based epoxy and amine resins that mimic traditional solvent-based epoxy protection. The other two unique features of QuadroLink are the corrosion inhibitors within the coating that migrate to the substrate, and an additional barrier of protection attained by glass flakes overlapping in the coating to resist permeation.

The Power of Water

The Tnemec portfolio of water-based coatings protects against conditions both interior and exterior environments may face. From superior topcoats all the way down to our basecoats, we have the coatings you need to create a comprehensive, high-performing water-based system. Our water-based coatings also meet the highest sustainability standards so you don't have to sacrifice performance. We've derived our formulas with the best possible ingredients, such as flash rust inhibitors, to make application easier and prevent the complications traditional water-based coatings once faced.


Tnemec Company, Inc. specializes in protecting surfaces and structures from corrosion with high-performance coatings and linings. However, we know our customers equally value the protection our coatings and linings provide to their investments, their reputation, and their clients.

Founded in 1921, Tnemec is one of the largest privately held protective coatings manufacturers in North America. Our coatings protect surfaces from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, Shanghai to San Juan, and every order we make is delivered with the expertise of our veteran team and the history they carry with them.

Series 115 Uni-Bond DF: A self-crosslinking hydrophobic acrylic with rust-inhibitive versatile coating introduced in 2000.

Series 118 Uni-Bond Mastic: A high-build rust-inhibitive, elastomeric coating formulated for exceptional adhesion and corrosion resistance over aged coating systems first introduced in 2015.

Series 156 Enviro-Crete: A flexible, breathable coating for concrete and masonry that can fill and bridge minor hairline cracks, introduced in 1988.

Series 971 Aerolon Acrylic: An innovative, fluid-applied insulating coating featuring an extremely low K-Value introduced in 2012.

Series 975 Aerolon: A fluid-applied, thermal insulating coating ideal for insulating pipes, valves, tanks, and structural steel. This unique formulation is highly filled with a hydrophobic insulative particle and was introduced in 2022.

Series 1028 + Series 1029 Enduratone: These water-based, LOW VOC, high-dispersion pure acrylic polymer coatings provide excellent long-term protection in both interior and exterior exposures. Both products were introduced in 2007

Featured Projects

The proof is in the projects. Tnemec is well-versed in the water-based coatings world with over 35 years of formulation and innovation. If the coatings don't speak for themselves, the projects that stand the Test of Time will.

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