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Exceeding Industry Standards through Reliable Research and Development

Tnemec is heavily invested in the development of innovative coatings designed to solve specific industry challenges, and has been for over 100 years. By focusing on performance testing and using top-of-the-line equipment, Tnemec ensures that every product offered by our company is well-suited to exceed expectation in its intended exposure.

Using only high-quality binders, resins, pigments and additives, Tnemec products are formulated to perform both in accelerated testing protocols and in the field. Our company tests and retests every product – following industry-recognized testing standards, like ASTM B117, ASTM D 4587, etc. – to qualify each coating’s ability to resist corrosion, UV light, abrasion and other causes of coating degradation.

With this emphasis on performance, Tnemec coatings and linings help protect structures all around the world and continue to provide long life-cycles and limited maintenance wherever they are applied. We know asset protection is what matters most for our customers, and that's exactly why we believe that formulation matters, testing matters and, above all else, performance matters.

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Tnemec is truly invested in its quality brand. When we present Tnemec With new materials for improved performance, its team completes extensive, long-term scientific study on the materials to ensure the performance is real and reproducible. From the lab to the field, Tnemec checks consistency and performance at every step to make certain its customers receive a high-quality product.

John Duggan, PhD- Vice President & General Manager Crosslinkers Americas, Evonik Corporation.

Paints and coatings all look the same in the can, find out what makes Tnemec different.

Experience, Reliability and Performance

Benefit from the value of the difference

It's not one or two things that make doing business with Tnemec a wise choice -- it's the impact of many things working together. To experience the true value of our coatings and linings, reach out to your local Tnemec representative and start specifying and applying the difference today.

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Aerolon gives owners and engineers the ability to control condensation on pipes, valves and water tank interiors.

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