Site Visit: Topeka Boulevard Bridge

Coatings Continue to Hold Up on Bridge in Topeka, Kansas

Originally erected in 2008, this high-traffic bridge in Topeka, Kan., was coated back then using a three-coat, high-performance system from Tnemec. In 2020, local representatives passed by the bridge and had to hop out for a closer look. Upon visual inspection, the representatives saw no signs of color or gloss change and, even more important, noticed no signs of corrosion.

The bridge was originally coated using a zinc-rich urethane primer, Series 90-97 Tnemec-Zinc, a polyurethane intermediate coat and a brush- and roller-applied fluoropolymer finish, Series 1071 Fluoronar. The bright red color of finished structural steel continues to shine today, and the zinc-rich primer has done its job protecting the steel.

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