COATING BASICS: Protection and Maintenance of Tnemec Polymer Floorings

To instruct facility personnel on the recommended procedure for maintenance cleaning of polymer floors. Here's a little help...

Tnemec flooring systems will benefit from a regular maintenance program. All floors will show wear, becoming less attractive by physical and chemical abuse over a period of time. However, a regular maintenance schedule that removes dirt and chemical residue will prolong the life of the floor. In addition to thorough cleaning, the periodic application of waxes, acrylics or polishes will tend to isolate the flooring system from physical attack and maintain the performance of the floor.

Initial Procedure:
Polymer flooring systems typically require five or more days at 75°F. before becoming fully cured. Optimum physical strength and chemical resistance depend upon the drying or curing conditions. During this curing period the surface should be protected by limiting traffic exposure or by covering with protective paper or plywood.

General Maintenance:
The frequency of the maintenance procedure is dependent upon the volume and type of traffic. The following is a guide for establishing a general maintenance program:

  • Frequently sweep or dust utilizing a commercial sweeping compound.
  • At regular intervals, wash floor using warm/hot potable water with mild cleaning solutions containing
    ammonia or alcohol bases, or detergents such as tri-sodium phosphate. Avoid abrasives. Cleaning may be done with pressure washing equipment (max. 1,000 psi, 2 gpm delivery), or by hand scrubbing with soft bristled brushes or sponges. For heavy stains, a floor buffing machine afixed with a soft bristle or soft scrub pad may be used.
  • Rinse the entire area with clean running water whenever possible. Squeegee to drain or pick up with a wet vacuum to remove all residual contaminants.
  • If gloss level is to be restored after use, apply a water-based non-ambering liquid floor finish (acrylic or urethane). To remove the finish, apply an ammoniated heavy-duty stripper-rinse and allow to dry before refinishing. Local janitorial supply houses may recommend systems. Select a reputable manufacturer. Dubois, Hillyard or OakiteÆ are well-known.
  • Epoxy and urethane finishes are not affected by the cleaning operation, however epoxies tend not to retain their gloss levels as well as urethanes. The need to apply sealer coats for gloss rejuvenation is totally dependent upon the ownerís preference.
    Uniformly scarify the entire surface to be coated with a medium-grit sandpaper (120-150 grit). Reapply specified system in accordance with manufacturerís application recommendations. If practical, use a break in the surface plane as a stopping point for the repair, i.e., seams, expansion joints, control joints, etc. Use the product literature as a reference for proper mixing, application and handling.


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