NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 600

Important Upcoming Changes to Regulations for Potable Water Linings

On January 1, 2023, NSF will implement a new health requirement called NSF/ANSI/CAN Std. 600 (NSF 600) which will require all coatings in contact with potable water to meet new, lower extraction levels. These new limits will severely restrict available product offerings from most coating and lining manufacturers and only coatings with extractables of xylene less than 0.09 mg/L, ethylbenzene less than 0.14 mg/L and toluene less than 0.06 mg/L, will be certified for use on potable water structures and components.

Tnemec Company is well-prepared for these changes and has already certified Series 22 Epoxoline, Series FC22 Epoxoline, Series 91-H20 Hydro-Zinc, Series 94-H20 Hydro-Zinc and Series 406 Elasto-Shield for NSF 600 requirements. In the coming months, Tnemec will also introduce innovative NSF 600-compliant formulations to further expand our customers' coating choices.

To learn more about NSF 600 and its effect on coating selection and specification, watch the video below and download our tech bulletin. Or, for further assistance, contact your local Tnemec representative.

Our Commitment

At Tnemec Company, we constantly focus on protecting clean water infrastructure. That dedication spans the entire Tnemec family to include performance testing in the R&D laboratory, management involvement in water industry regulatory organizations, special attention given to packaging on the factory floor and continuous support and technical involvement with clients. With Tnemec, you can find no better informed and passionate advocate for your potable water coating needs.

Chase Bean - President/CEO

Learn more about upcoming regulatory changes in the potable water industry, and make sure you're specifying the right primers and linings for your water tanks and treatment centers.

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It's not one or two things that make doing business with Tnemec a wise choice -- it's the impact of many things working together. To experience the true value of our coatings and linings, reach out to your local Tnemec representative and start specifying and applying the difference today.

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