ProPolymer Coatings

Tough Protection for Food & Beverage Tanks

ProPolymer Coatings are now part of the line of protective coatings and linings from Tnemec Company, Inc. ProPolymer products include tank linings, exterior coatings and containment products for various plants, from food and chemical processing plants to power generation facilities.

ProPolymer coatings are formulated to withstand chemical attack on steel and concrete substrates, especially in industry-specific types of plants around the U.S. These offerings include high-performance vinyl ester linings, secondary containment products for industrial processing; polymer concrete materials, manufactured for thermal shock and chemical resistance; and high-build, surface-tolerant epoxy coatings.

For more information on ProPolymer coatings, please email us at propolymer@tnemec.comor contact your local sales representative.

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Tnemec provides protective coatings in various industries around the world, from wastewater to architecture.

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