Series 617

Conformal Stain WB

Generic Type

100% Acrylic Polymer

Common Usage

Conformal Stain WB is a penetrating, water-based masonry stain for horizontal concrete and virtually all vertical, above-grade concrete, precast, GFRC, exposed aggregate, stucco, terra cotta, brick and block masonry. The treatment does not alter the natural texture of the surface, nor significantly affect the vapor transmission qualities of the substrate. Conformal Stain WB exhibits excellent color stability, and is designed not to peel or flake when applied to a properly prepared substrate. Conformal Stain WB provides color uniformity by correcting color imperfections often found in integrally colored concrete masonry, natural stone, tilt-up and precast panels. Repels water when used on dense substrates. Conformal WB is mildew resistant and contains agents that inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface of the stain.

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Volume Solids

28.99 ± 2.0% †

Curing Time

Temperature To Touch To Recoat Light Use Light Traffic Bearing
75°F (24°C) 1 hour 2-4 hours 24 hours 72 hours

Curing time varies with surface temperature, air movement, humidity and film thickness. Note: Application of Series 617 must take place between 12 to 36 hours after application of water repellent pretreatment. Application after 36 hours may compromise adhesion of Series 617. Application at temperatures lower than 50°F (10°C) may reduce coverage rates and inhibit curing. Protect treated surfaces from rain and lawn sprinklers for 72 hours.

Volatile Organic Compounds

0.46 lbs/gallon (55 grams/litre) †

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