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Structural Epoxy Liners and Advanced Repair Products for Water & Wastewater

Established in 1990, Epoxytec manufactures specialty protective coatings and repair compounds with a specific focus on providing interior lining solutions for water and wastewater environments. Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, Epoxytec collaborates with asset owners, engineers, and certified contractors to provide rehabilitative lining solutions worldwide. In 2021, Epoxytec joined the Tnemec family of coatings, and continues to evolve and supply the coating industry with quality products offering unique advantages for challenging wastewater conditions. 

Two family-owned companies come together

Now contractors and specifiers can come to one place for all of their water and wastewater treatment plant and collection system coating needs, knowing they have the power of two industry-leading companies backing them.

Chase Bean, President/CEO, Tnemec

Structural Epoxy Linings for Water and Wastewater Systems

Commonly applied at a thickness of over 125 mils, CPP Sprayliner is a structural-grade, spray-applied epoxy lining system designed to coat many aggressive enclosed, immersive and partially opened environments, and performs in areas subject to chemical attack. CPP Sprayliner has been proven to prevent oxidation while holding back water migration, inflow/infiltration (I&I) and hydrostatic pressure. To learn more about Epoxytec's CPP Series and other products available for water/wastewater structures, click below:

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Unmatched Support and Application Assistance

Part of the Tnemec family of coatings, Epoxytec is now supported by a wide network of local representatives who can support you and your team during any water & wastewater project, throughout North America and beyond. From Florida to Toronto, California to Mexico City, our knowledgeable and talented coatings experts are ready to help you find the right Epoxytec coating for your needs, especially when it comes to repairing your aging collection systems or protecting new wastewater structures in severe H2S exposures. Find your local representative and get a quote, or request samples of these products, by clicking below:

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