Eagle Rock Coatings, LLC.

Tnemec Representatives in Oklahoma and Arkansas

Eagle Rock Coatings is dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and industry knowledge to architects, engineers, applicators, and owners in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The agency has a combined twenty years of experience in providing long-lasting, high-performance coatings and coating systems across an array of industries and situations with protective coating needs. The coating specialists at Eagle Rock Coatings understand the science behind protective coatings and continue to enrich their industry education to stay ahead of the latest research and coating practices.

Backed by Tnemec’s advanced protective coatings technology and technical support, the commitment to maintain a high level of service drives the Eagle Rock Coatings in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The agency’s values, ethics, and reputation is reflective of the professionals throughout the Tnemec organization. Across the Natural State and the Sooner State, Eagle Rock Coatings is equipped to offer the highest quality recommendations for coating systems that best protect an owner’s assets.

Contact information

P.O. Box 24402 Little Rock, AR 72221

+1 501-448-2111

+1 888-214-9382


Eagle Rock Coatings, LLC. serves customers throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma

Eagle Rock Coatings Inc

P.O. Box 24402 Little Rock, AR 72221

tel: +1 501-448-2111

fax: +1 888-214-9382


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