Series 390

Tank Armor

This product has been discontinued. Please refer to Series 391 | Tank Armor for a suitable alternative, or contact your local sales representative for further assistance.

Generic Type

Novolac Epoxy

Common Usage

A thick-film reinforced epoxy internal lining formulated for corrosion control of chemical tanks and aggressive chemical immersion. Series 390 exhibits superior resistance to a wide range of chemicals with excellent physical properties for long term durability and service life. Refer to the Series 390 Chemical Resistance Guide. The Series 390 touch-up kit may be used to repair other Tank Armor linings. Contact Tnemec for more information.

Number of Components

Two: Two Part A (epoxy) to One: Part B (amine)

Recommended DFT

20.0 to 50.0 mils (508 to 1,270 microns) one coat with multiple passes.

Theoretical Coverage

1,604 mil sq ft/gal (39.4 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates.




1232 Blue. Note: Epoxies chalk and yellow with age, extended exposure to UV and artificial lighting.

Curing Time

Temperature To Touch To Handle Immersion
75°F (24°C) 2 hours 3 hours 24 to 36 hours

These times are based on a 20.0 mil (500 micron) dry film thickness. Higher film thicknesses, insufficient ventilation or cooler temperatures will require longer cure times. This coating commonly develops an amine-blush during cure. While this condition will not adversely affect performance of the coating, this blush must be removed by aggressive sweep blasting before applying additional coats. During high humidity conditions, it is recommended that the application be done while the temperatures are increasing. Cure time to achieve a minimum Shore D Hardness of 81 or Barcol GYZJ 935 hardness of 66 for immersion service is 24 to 36 hours. In order to obtain an accurate reading, the minimum DFT must be 30 mils.


Series 351



Volatile Organic Compounds

0.30 lbs/gallon (35 grams/litre)

Volume Solids



0.27 lbs/gal solids

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