Series 275


This product has been discontinued. Please refer to Series 270 | Stranlok for a suitable alternative, or contact your local sales representative for further assistance.

Generic Type

Polyamine Novolac Epoxy

Common Usage

A fiber-reinforced coating for protection against acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemical solutions. The dense, seamless surface can be easily cleaned with pressurized hot water.


Gray. Note: Epoxies chalk and yellow with age, extended exposure to UV and artificial lighting. Lack of ventilation, incomplete mixing, miscatalyzation or the use of heaters that emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide during application and initial states of curing may cause amine blush, possibly affecting adhesion of subsequent topcoats.


Series 120, 282, 290. Note: Refer to the applicable topcoat data sheet for color availability and additional information.

Volume Solids

90.0 ± 2.0% (mixed)

Theoretical Coverage

1,416 mil sq ft/gal (34.8 m²/L at 25 microns). See APPLICATION for coverage rates.

Volatile Organic Compounds

0.14 lbs/gallon (16 grams/litre)

Number of Components

Two: Part A and Part B



Curing Time

Temperature To Topcoat To Place in Service † Full Cure
75°F (24°C) 8-24 hours 3 days 28 days

If more than 24 hours have elapsed between coats, the Stranlok coated surface must be mechanically abraded before topcoating. † Note: Three days cure provides for traffic, secondary containment and certain mild chemical exposures. Up to 28 days cure is required for certain severe chemical exposures. Contact your Tnemec representative or Tnemec Technical Services.


Immersion: Series 63-1500, 218, 219. Series 201 mixed with fumed silica (refer to Technical Bulletin 98-11).
Non-Immersion: Series 130, 216, 218, 219.


0.0 lbs/gallon solids


Series 201

Recommended DFT

25 to 40 mils (635 to 1,015 microns) per coat.

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